Brass Inserts Fasteners India    
Brass Inserts Fasteners India

Brass Inserts, Fasteners & Fixtures, & Silicon Bronze Fasteners, specially those products whose application in industries require adherence to close tolerances, must be manufactured with attention to detail, right from sourcing raw material to forming, shaping, die-casting, finishing etc.


uality Consciousness
Brass Inserts Fasteners India has maintained quality standards with sustained implementation of quality parameters by conforming to the latest, approved industry specifications. The Company has recently earned the prestigious ISO Certification within a very short time. Brass Inserts Fasteners India's products are made to standard specifications and also precision-crafted to exact customer requirements. Customizing to client specifications is the hallmark of Brass Inserts Fasteners India's versatility and adaptability in initiating and welcoming innovative approaches to brass Inserts & Fasteners component manufacture.
To this end Brass Inserts Fasteners India Industries maintains a sustained and routine inspection and testing regimen that goes a long way towards building product integrity and client trust in the Company's products.
A medium-sized quality control department with sophisticated equipment for measuring, hardness testing and various other procedures is manned by qualified technicians who adhere to stringent testing of Brass Inserts Fasteners India's products.


owards Export
The Company has begun to respond favorably increasing foreign inquiries and expects to step up production and expand its R & D department to include more and better microprocessor-controlled equipment.


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