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Hydraulic and Pneumatic - Seal Kits

Rubber Oil Seal

Application : Hydraulic seals, vacuum seals, seals, engine -motor shaft, transmission seals.
Feature : Rubber Coated with metal case or spring, high mechanical strength, sealant and rusty resistance.
Description : We manufacture high quality seals with high tolerance and resistance to corrosion. These are mechanical seal for deformation under high temperature and pressure. Designed to perfection, the oil seals can be easily installed and provides years of hassle free life

Hydroulic Seal

Application : WFrom the most exotic seal to micro miniature shapes, our custom-designed, all-rubber shaped seals meet your exact specifications. Radiant Industry has a choice of manufacturing processes to produce your highly customized parts efficiently and effectively.

Polyurethane Seals

Characteristics : Seals are made according to ISO 6194 or as per customer?s specifications. Produced from various elastomers depending on service conditions, it can withstand temperatures from -50 to + 250C. Seals among the most basic of sealing components, find a myriad of application in aircrafts, automobiles, earthmoving equipments, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

'U/V' Seals

Description : An axial face contact rubber seal can increase the service life for both bearing and oil seal. Available for type VA VS & VL

Material : NBR Fluoro-Carbon and low friction NBR Suitable shaft size from 6 m/m to 600 m/m.

Valve Stem Seals

Application : The range of automotive valves & stem seals possess excellent design and materials to solve seal problems in today's hot-running engines. It takes away the heat and the oil additives of your engines.

Last update : 12-06-2013

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